Just a guy, mildly obsessed with diamonds

Lots of good intentions, some opinions, and many lessons learned.

My name is Eric Schulte. I’m a mobile software developer from NYC, which makes me totally unqualified to talk about diamonds in any way; just a (now-former) nervous fiancé-to-be trying to do the “right” thing. Over the last year and so, I’ve gone from a person that frothed at the mouth of mere mention of diamonds, to someone cautiously optimistic on their ability to do good in the world. I made this transformation by reading as much as I possibly could, and by connecting up to people much smarter than I, both inside and outside of the industry, as well as at NGO’s and governments across the globe. Most importantly, I discovered that complex problems require complex solutions.

Consumers are powerful, and with that power comes responsibility. My hope is that if you’re in the market for a diamond engagement ring or just interested in diamonds in general, you’ll find some important information here that will make you into a wiser consumer, ultimately directing your money to the businesses most deserving, most vigilant, most ethical, and doing the most good.